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How to visit California in two weeks?

And what to see?

The reason I'm writing is because this has been the best trip I have ever done. When you work it is not easy to have a lot of vacantion, but why miss the opportunity to visit the United States?

Road trip in the USA is awesome because of their great roads, cheap gas and hundreds of gorgeous destinations to choose from.

California has excellent climate, some of the best National Parks in the country, and world famous cities to explore, you’re never going to run short of things to do in California.

This is my two week California road trip itinerary. At the end of it I was a little bit tires but totally worth it!

Day 1 

Los Angeles

Arrived late in the Los Angeles Airport, took the rented car and visited Manhatan beach. 

Day 2

Took of from LA headed to Las Vegas. It is about a 4 hour dirve. We stoped once at the Kill Bill church where there was a shooting a movie so didn't had the chance to visit the church insede but met the owner who even gave us a book.

Later on we arrived to Las Vegas (don't miss the chance to take a picture with the famouse "Welcome to Las vegas sing" while you come). Obviosly it was really hot and crowded. We stayed in "Paris Hotel", the one with the Eiffel Tour which was huge, not expensive and nice. 

During the evening we had the chance to visit the city walking, sow the famouse fountain sincronized with a Pavaroti song (magical!).  

Strangely, that nigt there were some drops of rain that I think is pretty rare in Las Vegas.

Day 3

Before leaving Las Vegas I insisted in visiting Foremont Street because I have seen that scene a hunded times in C.S.I Las Vegas (which of I'm a fan). 

Afterwards, toke off to Death Valley. First stop was at the Shoshone Museum, which unfortunately was closed. So, we went to eat at the restourant next door which was a quite an excperience (just like in movies) with an incredible unkind waiteress. 

Second stop - Bed water basin. The elevation here is -282 feet, making this the lowest locale in North America.

The salt flats in Badwater Basin cover nearly 200 square miles, among the largest protected salt flats in the world. Salt flats are too harsh for most plants and animals to survive, yet are quite fragile. It is so hot that after 3 minutes outside you can start to feel sick. 

Third stop - Devils Golf Course which I didn't even started since it was too hot for me to go walking.

Slept in Longstreet Inn which was pretty cool - in the middle of nowhere. There is even a pool inside and a small museum.

Day 4 

Then we hit the road again 

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

Lone Pine

Big Pine

Mammoth Lake

Twin lakes

Day 5

Mono Lakes (Lee Vining)


Day 6

San Francisco

Day 7

San Francisco

Rent a bike at the golden Gate bridge

Day 8

San Francisco

Computer museum 

Google Campus

Apple Campus


Day 9 



Monterei dinner

Day 10

17 Mile Drive

Pebble beach 

Morro Bay

Day 11

Santa Barbara

Day 12

Los Angeles

Day 13

Los Angles

Getty Center

Day 14

Los Angeles

Beverly Hills - Rodeo Dr

Farmers market

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